Natural Power Metal was founded in 2006 and merged superiorities in strength which belong to several special metal manufacturers into the group. Relying on authentic producing, the group stands on Shanghai ground and spreads business distributions over the global market. Natural Power Metal consists of 4 trading subsidiary companies, 6 producing processing integrative bases and storing center, the capacity of production and sales combining their merits in strengths. Especially adopting storehouse logistic improves its marketing patterns from rudimentary single model to the advanced model which is on the Shanghai foundation to promote business in the entire areas.

Today the group activity is dealing with production and maketing for general special metal materials, alloy products and relevant subdivision chemical products. Its main products series have calcium metal, magnesium metal, RE metal and related alloy. Calcium metal series including: Calcium ingot, Calcium lump, Calcium turning, Calcium granular Magnesium metal series including: Magnesium ingot, Magnesium granular, Magnesium powder, passivation Magnesium granular. Alloy series including: Ca-Al alloy, Ca-Mg alloy, Lead-Ca alloy, Ca-Si alloy. Rare-earth series including: La, Ce, Pr, Nd, etc. RE-complexed metal

Relevant subdivision cored wire series: FeCa cored wire, CaSi cored wire,Pure Ca cored wire, BaSiCa cored wire, BaSiCaAl cored wire, Carbon cored wire, etc. Diameter of cored wire:9mm,13mm,14mm,15mm,16mm Subdivision of Alcoholic metal Chemicals: solid magnesium Ethoxide, Solid Sodium Methoxide. ¡¡

Natural Power Metal, as a multi-pattern producing enterprise, the annual capacity of calcium metal reach 6000 tons , of magnesium metal 10000 ton, of cored wire 20000 tons, of other alloy 3000 tons and of alcoholic products 500 tons. With its specialized and committed marketing team work, Natural Power Metal products share its wide distributions not only coving domestic steel plants, refractories big or small but also spreading over to outside China including America, Europe, Australia, South-east Asia, Japan and Korea. At present, the share and supply of its Shanghai Logistic reserve Center takes up markets located in the East of China, the South of China. In addition, The group is actively setting up foreign large-scale warehouse with the hope to further increase and meet customer¡¯s demands without any delay.

Our principles: Sincerity, Customer First; Quality Superiority, Best Service should be carried out by the people of Natural Powder Metal always. We are looking forward to your joining and working with us.